Back Country Ski School

This winter has been quite the experience for me. Starting out as an extremely weak skier with maybe 6 green runs under my belt, I signed up for a Avalanche Skills course in the Squamish back-country. It began with the “shopping spree” – I wasn’t sure how I was possibly going to afford touring gear…

A Fresh Goodbye

My friend Jenn and I met last summer… It was the most random encounter you could imagine. I had gone to a lake here with another friend of mine for a quick afternoon swim. We sat upon the rock and noticed a kayaker enjoying a leisurely paddle while his girlfriend watched from shore eagerly awaiting…

Squamish Livin’

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This is a new site to share the stories behind my unusual and exciting, sometimes hazardous life experiences. After each adventure I will be posting stories and links to dive deeper into the photographs I post via Instagram and Facebook. I hope you enjoy!