Home Refresh

Yesterday we spent several hours moving into our new home. We left one side of town to start exploring other areas in Squamish.


Justin and I have moved 3 times and each time our living space gets noticeably smaller. Each year we sit around and realize how many things we have that we just don’t need. We realized that things don’t define us or our space.

The first place we lived was a condo with 2 floors, 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and too much unused space. The next place was about 800 square feet smaller and a lot less over the top. Having so much space in our first home seemed like the normal thing to do. Fill every part with “things” and make the house look good. But it wasn’t a “home”, the things we had on display showed a certain sense of materialism and flash. The belongings we truly loved were usually packed in a box in the crawl space or shoved in a corner. It is amazing how much we grow and evolve each year – we have realized what truly matters when it comes to the place we rest our head.


Justin and I climb, hike, ski, bike, run, camp and keep trying new things all the time. In the beginning our home did not reflect the things we loved to do. We’d have photos of our past life up and decorations that didn’t have any particular meaning or purpose.

“The home should be a treasure chest of living”

Nowadays it seems that ones house is all about the appearance, and usually doesn’t reflect who the occupants are. Things will be placed to be untouched and collect dust – photos will be some pretty view with no real value to the individuals. We are definitely guilty of having such a place when we first moved to Squamish. Society gives us this idea of what our homes should look like and people tend to buy into those trends.

We just moved into a small basement suite close to our favourite climbing areas. It is a small 1 bedroom that is around 600 Sq. feet. When you come through the door you will instantly know it is our home. We have our camping gear set out and ready to go, photos of our recent adventures out and special trinkets we have collected. In the small living space you’ll see some furniture and blankets from my grandmother and our cozy dog curled up in the corner. Everything in our home we use – every shelf, cupboard and counter. Things just have a motive and there is no unused space. We don’t have any doubles of things which keeps the place uncluttered.


It took a lot of gifting, selling and recycling to get to this point. It started with the closets – We had seemed to just hang on to old clothes with the thought of wearing them “one day”.  In total we gifted about 5 extra large garbage bags of clothes and shoes. Next was the filler drawers – the places that collect random objects. Things like broken pens, old notepads, a piece of something electronic related etc,.


We gave away side tables, benches and all sorts of home decor. We cleared away anything that we hadn’t used in the last month or just didn’t honestly need. In time things slowly started to feel right – The gear we use lives in 3 bins (except our skis of course), we have our favourite books out, photos of our loved ones and instruments left.

When I look around I see a mirror of our lives.


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  1. Betty LIVIN says:

    Good for you! My husband and I are also in the process of downsizing from a 4 bedroom (1800 sq. ft) home to a 2 bedroom (875 sq.ft) home and I couldn’t be happier! But everyone is giving us grief about how that is “too small” and how will we manage? Society is in a VERY bad place where everyone values things and appearance over experiences. Now our bills are about to be cut literally in half and we’ll be able to afford to travel more! Way more important than a bunch of empty unused rooms if you ask me.

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    1. Couldn’t agree more! It is so important to do the things you love and not be house broke! Sounds like a great choice to me 🙂

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  2. djsweetpickle says:


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  3. Adam Cowcher says:

    I did this to move to Canada, so much clutter and ‘stuff’ that was just not needed. Admittedly I have acquired a bit since being here but it’s almost all stuff that is in regular use. Downsizing to a useful size is definitely the way to go!


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