Train Wreck

Today Justin and I cruised out to Whistler for a quick hike. We had heard of an area called Train Wreck trail and wanted to check it out!

DCIM148GOPROThe area provides some spectacular views and the trail is simple terrain.

DCIM148GOPRO“Decades ago a train derailed south of Whistler. The cost to clean up the mess was evidently deemed too high, so seven train cars were left scattered next to the Cheakamus River. As it turns out, time and local effort has transformed this mess into a wonderful work of art, an extraordinary bike park, and a great place to hike.” – Whistler Hiatus.

DCIM148GOPROYou follow a windy trail through the bush and past the train tracks to where the forest meets the crash. It is a 5km hike to see all of the 7 abandoned railcars.

DCIM148GOPROAn echo of the gorgeous, emerald green river splashing violently in the background.


The area is broad and there is a lot of canyons and beaches ready to be explored.

FullSizeRenderWe spent the morning dipping down by the waters edge and capturing some of the simple beauty.


If you haven’t been to this area before I highly recommend going down for an afternoon. Find out more at

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