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Working and playing in the South Coast mountains was definitely a dream for former Park Rangers, Sarah and Pearce. They hiked, ran and skied the park trails hundreds of times, cleaned outhouses, built new facilities and kept parks running to the best of their abilities. But despite their best efforts, it was never enough. The lack of funding turned their efforts into an uphill battle. They needed to get out and try to make change in a creative way. And so Advenire’s #SaveSCparks apparel was born!

Our unisex apparel features original watercolor art by @mountaindarlin and each design is inspired by a South Coast Park. 5% of sales go directly to the BC Parks Foundation to help fund meaningful projects in the playgrounds we love. We are beginning our journey with a soft launch of two designs: Elfin Glow and Tantalized. Hoodies come in a range of sizes with 2 designs to choose from for 2020 (these are a limited run). This pre-order will be sent out in September 2020!

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