Becoming a Brand Ambassador/Influencer 101

I've had a few messages lately on Instagram from followers asking about how they can become ambassadors or influencers¬†for their favourite brands. In the age of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat - there is a growing community of brands doing advertising through social media. Having advocates for your brand is one of the best things... Continue Reading →

We Could All Learn A Little From Bishop

At first glance, Bishop is your average, scraggly mutt. His hair is matted in sections, his finger nails are broken and discoloured, his ears are floppy and he's going a bit grey. But when you take a closer look, you see more than just your average house pet. Looking at his head you'll see some... Continue Reading →

Skyward Education

I've recently become excited about shooting ¬†some star photos. It is a huge learning curve for me as I do not know the first thing about manning a camera in this way. For the past couple nights I've been venturing out to try and capture some sky - With warmer days creeping in clear nights... Continue Reading →

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