The Appreciation Experiment

As I run through the deserted trails around my home, I can't help but appreciate the earthy smell around me. I take deeper breaths and hold the scent in for just a moment. A part of me feels like it's the last time I will smell this springtime, rotting earth fragrance. The last time the... Continue Reading →

A Stay Along the Shoreline

My partner and I recently visited Tofino for our annual, stormy January visit. Vancouver Island is a magical place to disconnect from busy lifestyles. The long, sandy beaches, the whomping wind that chatters the walls and the simplicity of island life - always brings us back for more. ¬†One staple of Tofino, is finding great... Continue Reading →

Dream Real – NEPAL

In 3 days I will be boarding a plane on route to Nepal. I'm still pinching myself to make sure everything that is happening is actually real - GoPro is making my dream come true! I will be heading there to paint and explore some scenic villages. Although it is monsoon season, I am hopeful... Continue Reading →

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