A Stay Along the Shoreline

My partner and I recently visited Tofino for our annual, stormy January visit. Vancouver Island is a magical place to disconnect from busy lifestyles. The long, sandy beaches, the whomping wind that chatters the walls and the simplicity of island life – always brings us back for more.  One staple of Tofino, is finding great accommodation to make your stay special. There are many vacation rentals along the beach with funky designs and character. But one place in particular, stands out for us.

The Shoreline Tofino is a beautiful, boutique hotel nestled along the waterfront of the Pacific Ocean. This place is beyond memorable, it’s carefully thought out details make it an experience in itself. You truly feel like you are getting away from it all when you step into one of the suites. The smell, decor, location and design will truly enhance your idea of a vacation rental. We had the pleasure of occupying “Suite 2” (the honeymoon suite). Below are some of my favourite particulars of The Shoreline.


Suite 2 Explored

The Shoreline has many rental options around the waterfront property. We stayed in Cabin Suite 2, which is located on the second floor of the first cabin. This gorgeous space is very roomy, equipped with a kitchenette, soaker tub, and a private deck with oceans views.

Tofino can sometimes feel busy when you are surrounded by other resorts and campgrounds. The Shoreline takes you away from all that and into your own private oasis. Each suite is separate and quite soundproof so we never felt like we were in a occupied area. Overlooking the shore was stunning and the ocean smells incredible when you are out enjoying your morning cuppa. I am particularly fond of a-frame cabins as they create their own sense of quaint, coziness.

Delightful by Design

The layout and carefully thought out details of The Shoreline suites, make them really standout. The rooms are straight out of a page of “Cabin Porn”. When you step into suite 2, you immediately notice the decor and added touches to each room.

There are several locally sourced items and information about the brands included in the decor.


In the suite, you can find:

Location Location Location

Being able to walk to restaurants, local shops and tourism agencies is a huge bonus of this accommodation. Within 10 minutes, you can be sitting down at The Shelter for dinner and drinks or sipping a latte at the Rhino Coffee House. Despite being close to activities and a short drive from the big beaches, we still found ourselves wanting to spend time inside the cabin. We had a picnic, enjoyed coffee with a view and of course, soaked in the amazing, stand alone tub.

Next time you wander to Tofino, enlighten your stay by visiting The Shoreline.


Chestermans Beach – Tofino, BC

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