The Insta-Darkside

I started my Instagram account in the fall of 2011. It didn't seem like much at the time, just another social media site that would be popular for a bit and then slowly fade its way out. Now that some time has passed I think of it as a tool and portfolio for my life. It... Continue Reading →

Product Testing: Finding Winter Team

In November I was accepted into the Mountain Hardwear #findingwinter ambassador program for Canada. I spent this winter testing the products and loving every minute of it! Here is my review on some of the items! Check out for more products! I love being outside. I love the way it smells, the colours and the... Continue Reading →

Make The Outdoors Your Gym

Hmmm the beautiful outdoors... Sometimes getting out, for me, can be more about the physical aspect than just a daily activity. We've all been there - dragging yourself through the doors of your local gym before work. Some top 40 station is playing in the background, the surroundings never change, seems your routine doesn't either. The... Continue Reading →

Rainy Routines

Squamish is known for its wind and rain. Like most of the Pacific North West, some weeks can be gloomy and dark. Very little inspiration seems to arise in these times. I spend a lot of energy on certain sports that are dry weather dependant. When I wake up in the morning and see the... Continue Reading →

Skyward Education

I've recently become excited about shooting  some star photos. It is a huge learning curve for me as I do not know the first thing about manning a camera in this way. For the past couple nights I've been venturing out to try and capture some sky - With warmer days creeping in clear nights... Continue Reading →

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