Make The Outdoors Your Gym

Hmmm the beautiful outdoors…

Sometimes getting out, for me, can be more about the physical aspect than just a daily activity. We’ve all been there – dragging yourself through the doors of your local gym before work. Some top 40 station is playing in the background, the surroundings never change, seems your routine doesn’t either. The moment you realize you can get the same (if not better) sweat going outside the happier you’ll be! I find I am completely inspired to push myself and keep going longer than I would being cooped up somewhere. I love the gym for strength training in the cold and heavy rain months.

But now that spring has sprung its time to get moving! I’ve been rotating between biking, climbing and hiking. Below is a typical hiking workout routine:  

DEEP LUNGES:  DCIM148GOPROWhether you are looking to shape your lower body or increase muscle tissue doing lunges can help you achieve your goals! There is always a trail you can find to incorporate lunges! Choose a steep trail and push yourself like using a stair master – and any chance you get, throw in a couple deeper lunges.

Pull ups/Tricep Push Downs: DCIM148GOPROTree climbing! Perfect activity for working on toning your upper body! Find a good sturdy tree, you don’t have to go high just keep pulling yourself up and down! Also did I mention it’s fun?

Uphill Sprints: DCIM148GOPROUphill running has many benefits and can do more in a shorter amount of time.

Help prevent shin splints: Running on flat or downhill ground can make you susceptible to shin splints because of constant pressure on your shin bones.

Help increase your endurance: If you spend a lot of time running uphill, choosing to do a flat routine in the future will seem easy! You’ll be able to go longer and increase your speed!

Help push yourself further: When you see your target in site (top of the hill) you’ll push it to get there. Increase muscle, speed and your stamina!

Climbing Ropes: DCIM148GOPROOn most trails you will use a rope as a guide to help you up a steep section of rock or hill. Never using the rope entirely or climbing it completely. But it can be a great tool for your workout! Use these types of areas to do one arm pulls and try to only use your feet as fall protection. Always be sure to inspect the rope and knot before trying this multiple times or bring your own up!

“The muscles in your arms are essential for rope climbing and work in synergy to forcefully bend your elbow and help you climb. The biggest and strongest muscle is your biceps brachii, located at the front of your upper arm. In addition, the brachialis muscle beneath your biceps also exerts force on your elbow joint, as does the brachioradicalis muscle of the upper forearm. Rope climbing provides an effective workout for all of the muscles on the front of your upper arms.” – Live Strong.

And don’t forget to stretch!  DCIM148GOPROOnce you’ve traveled up as far as you wish don’t forget to take time to stretch! Stretching is crucial to avoiding injuries! When you reach your summit, enjoy the view and work on improving your flexibility and giving those muscles a well deserved treat! Once you choose to continue back down don’t forget to add in some stretching at the end of your workout!

If your tired of the gym head outdoors! Try and up the distance you travel and push your limits!

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