Walk The Line

Slack·lin·ing ˈslaklīniNG/ noun 1 . the activity or sport of balancing on a rope or strip of webbing that is fixed low to high above the ground.  Today I tried my hand at a new-to-me sport. I'm actually surprised it took me this long to walk a line! Luckily I had a couple gurus around to show... Continue Reading →

78′ Style Camping

Some of my fondest memories… are those of our boisterous family van. My favourite childhood memories, in particular, are our family camping trips. Picture this: a small Okanagan town, filled with the brawny scent of cow dung and stretched-out grasslands. Six small children, two surprisingly prepared parents and one makeshift van, a tent off to... Continue Reading →

20 Places You Need to Go NOW!

I love to reflect back on some of my favourite places I have visited thus far. Glacier lakes, meadows, mountain peaks and desert views. Here is my list of 20 places you must see around North America before you die! 1. Wedgemount Lake in Garibaldi Provincial Park (Whistler B.C CA) 2. Canyon Lands (Moab Utah USA)... Continue Reading →

Hangin’ With My Inner Child

Last year my husband, Justin, and I took a road trip through the USA. Before the trip we spent several weeks preparing and getting our gear together for the 18 days away. We packed all the camping and climbing necessities we would need for each state we planned to visit (Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming)... Continue Reading →

PNW Micro Adventures: Chapter 1

Each week I try and embark on a few micro adventures around my home base of Squamish B.C. and beyond. As I work a full time job I can't always get away for long treks. This is the first post in a series of adventures I will share this year. Each chapter will include a... Continue Reading →

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