Hangin’ With My Inner Child

Last year my husband, Justin, and I took a road trip through the USA. Before the trip we spent several weeks preparing and getting our gear together for the 18 days away.

We packed all the camping and climbing necessities we would need for each state we planned to visit (Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming) . But one particular piece of gear had been missing from the lot…


Ever since I was a kid I always loved hammocks. We never had one around our home but when I got to sit in one at a friend or relatives home I would fall in love.

It seemed like such a treat to lay away, off the ground and into my own imagination. To this day, when I swing both feet into a hammock, I am instantly back to that carefree, childish place in my mind.

With the idea of happily swinging in each camp spot and National Park along the way, I began my search for the perfect hammock. After “hanging” on to the idea for a few months and doing my research I found the perfect hammock. With a little help from Instagram and good o’l Google search I found an awesome brand called Kammok.


I wanted something that was simple and easy to set up; A product that was durable and could be taken anywhere!

I decided to purchase two ROO™ hammocks. The ROO turned out to be everything I wanted and more. It’s the perfect grab-n-go adventure  hammock, I even love it for lounging out on the deck or in the forest behind my home. The system is easy to use, super light and very compact. Upon purchasing a ROO, the hammock body and two carabiners are included, but the Python straps are sold separately (a must have!).

I have taken my hammock to many beautiful places to relax. Some of the my best naps have been swaying about in the wind. Bringing out my inner child is something I try and do often. Climbing a tree to secure my hammock, walking barefoot atop sand, or cuddling up with a loved one – hammock times always bring out the kid in me.

10557165_10152840339381501_7608700737640124320_nHammock backyard movie nights

DCIM102GOPROHammock reading in Moab

DCIM106GOPROHammock forest Z’s

DCIM101GOPROSalt Lake City hammock swings

DCIM102GOPROHammock desert bliss

DCIM149GOPRORiver hammock & tree hang-outs


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  1. Do you have any experience with hammock tents? Or suspended tents? I was thinking of adding something like that to my camping pack. Hybrid makes one less thing to carry 🙂


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