20 Places You Need to Go NOW!

I love to reflect back on some of my favourite places I have visited thus far.

Glacier lakes, meadows, mountain peaks and desert views.

Here is my list of 20 places you must see around North America before you die!

1. Wedgemount Lake in Garibaldi Provincial Park (Whistler B.C CA) 2. Canyon Lands (Moab Utah USA) 3. Tricouni Lake (Whistler B.C CA) 4. Mt. Gimli Valhalla Provincial Park (Slocan Valley B.C CA) IMG_3891 5. Joffre Lakes Provincial Park (Pemberton B.C CA) 10604658_10152971462671501_1529653421972084264_o 6. Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming USA) DCIM106GOPRO 7. Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado USA) DCIM106GOPRO 8. Green River Road (Green River Utah USA) 9. Al’s Trail (Habrich Ridge Squamish B.C CA) 10. Garibaldi Lake (Garibaldi Provincial Park Squamish B.C CA) 11. River Campground (Cody Wyoming USA)  12. Shoshone Falls (Twin Falls Idaho USA) 13. Devils Washbowl (Boise Idaho USA) 14. Duffy Lake Road (Pemberton B.C CA) 15. Brandywine Meadows (Callaghan Valley B.C CA) 16. Squamish River (Squamish Valley B.C CA) 17. Kalamalka Lake (Vernon B.C CA) 18. Long Beach (Tofino, B.C CA) 19. Kootenay Lake (Nelson B.C CA) 20. Tunstall Bay (Bowen Island B.C CA)

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