A Different Kind Of Beautiful

I've heard "On-terrible" more than once in my lifetime. It's a pretty common phrase among people my age born or now living in British Columbia. I've always heard it accompanied by "so boring", "bland" or "not worth it", when referring to the province of Ontario. I had never visited the other side of Canada. I... Continue Reading →

5 O’clock Somewhere: The Art of Relaxation

5 O’clock Somewhere: The Art of Relaxation As we drive towards our campsite we can see the snow, like sugar, coating the mountains ahead. With memories of warm granite on the hands, long days under the stars and many summer moments drifting by we are beginning the transition into winter. The adventure doesn’t stop it... Continue Reading →

Skyward Education

I've recently become excited about shooting  some star photos. It is a huge learning curve for me as I do not know the first thing about manning a camera in this way. For the past couple nights I've been venturing out to try and capture some sky - With warmer days creeping in clear nights... Continue Reading →

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