5 O’clock Somewhere: The Art of Relaxation

5 O’clock Somewhere: The Art of Relaxation

As we drive towards our campsite we can see the snow, like sugar, coating the mountains ahead. With memories of warm granite on the hands, long days under the stars and many summer moments drifting by we are beginning the transition into winter.

The adventure doesn’t stop it only changes – transforms into a new and fresh perspective.

Some of my most cherished recollections are the ones after the day’s escapades. The ones spent with tired muscles, big tales to tell and that warm “special” drinks around the fire. The moments spent back at “basecamp” – a campground, meadow, bivy ledge, hut or wherever that place may be. It is where everyone recharges and as a team the maddest meals get concocted and served as a grand feast.

After a long day in the mountains, I like to cozy up in my 1978 tent trailer. Surrounded by friends or family, refilling drinks and shuffling card decks. We can’t forget to treasure those flashes of life. Although the adrenaline rush of summiting that targeted mountain or trekking miles through the wilderness seems to be the highlight – we always remember the afterglow at camp. The glow of happy faces saying cheers to a summer well spent and a wild winter ahead.

Welcome Winter.

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