I have recently teamed up with Blurr Stuff to try out some pieces from their clothing line.

Located in Squamish BC – Blurr is an innovative company that keeps it simple. Their designs are a mix between outdoor function and trendy fashion – from climbers, downhill mountain bikers to trail runners – there is something for every outdoor enthusiast out there.

I have had the pleasure of trying a few items and below is a review of each!


The Eminence top is the perfect mid-layer treasure. Its soft feel and slim fit perfectly slips under a shell for an afternoon of skiing or playing in cool weather. I love this top for its look – I have worn it for its practical purposes but also as a stylish piece for dinner with friends.  The big, cozy pocket and smooth half-zip compliment the top flawlessly.

Favourite activities for Eminence Top: Cold weather hiking and camping. 



The Elektra Capris are one of my favourite Blurr items. The comfort and form of these pants are unlike any other activewear pants I have tried. The wide waistband allows for a flexible fit and helps the pants stay put during vigorous movement. (Also featured in the above shots: Blurr Cadence Tee)

Favourite activities for Elektra Capri: Trail running, climbing and Yoga



The Free Spirit Tee is has a subtle but beautiful design and is made up of an organic cotton blend. Its sleek fit compliments my curved body type and the sleeves perfectly hug around the wrists – keeping you warm and relaxed.

The simple pocket design adds a pop of colour and fun to the tee.

Favourite activities for Spirit Tee: Climbing, hiking and camping






Looking for that snug, post-ski or fireside pull over? Something to rub softly against your skin after a long day of adventure? Well the Insignia Hoody has the right idea. With 70% Organically Grown Cotton / 30% Polyester Fleece this mix makes for a comfortable feel and flex. It never looks frumpy and with its feminine fit, it can be worn for casual lounge wear and having a night at the pub!

Small fabric gathers, wide front pocket and a stylish accent button - how could you go wrong?
Small fabric gathers, wide front pocket and a stylish accent button – how could you go wrong?

Favourite activities for Insignia Hoody: Camping, trail running, skiing. 




Other items of interest:

Denise Hoody

Engrained Tee

Insignia Tee  


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