PNW Micro Adventures: Chapter 4

Ahh, the first hut trip of the season: Saying a silent prayer that you remembered your booties, layering the long-johns and rehashing some wood splitting skills.




Feeling the cold air hit your cheeks as you head deeper and deeper into the mountains…




Feeling a sense of wonder with each glide.




The surrounding mountains begin to fade as night approaches.


DSC_1193 copy


Legs warm, hands warm, sipping on a special drink – the little shack in the woods becomes a make-shift home.

Cooking a meal around a Whisperlite stove, snacking on chocolate and cuddling with a furry friend.



With the glowing mood above, the stars begin to sing – a marvellous tune of snow sitting so softly.



Looking up towards the sky and clicking your headlamp off…there is no need to create your own light.


DSC_1179 copy

Saying  goodnight to the reflection of your breath in the cool air – dreams of fresh skin tracks floating around in your head.


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