Run On

I have recently teamed up with Topo Athletic  and Topo Athletic Canada to test some of their quality footwear.

About a month ago, I received the Women’s Magnify shoe: $170 CA ($110 USD)


My whole life I have loved running – from a young age, spending afternoons sprinting up and down our long driveway, to hours spent on trails around my current hometown. Its always been that one constant for me.


As a kid, I loved to sprint: my dad would take out his watch and time me as I leapt from one mark to the next. I even remember times when he would tell his friends to watch my time and cheer me on.

I planned to join track and field, but instead did team sports like soccer. Even though my interests changed with time, I always stayed with running – even through some frustrating injuries.

Last year I had a “run in” with some very poor footwear. I developed Plantar Fasciitis – Plantar fasciitis is caused by straining the ligament that supports your arch. Repeated strain can cause tiny tears in the ligament. These can lead to pain and swelling. (More on this injury)

This injury slowed me down and caused constant irritation in my left foot. It took me a few weeks to realize this problem had occurred from my shoes. The pain was horrible and I even got an x-ray to ensure I didn’t have a break. The problem was stemming from a lack of support in the shoe and sole base which was causing my left foot to severely pronate.

I was becoming extremely fed up with the pain and my inability to complete runs. I spent time strengthening in the gym and trying to fix the problem my past shoes had created. I did some shopping and found an alternate brand of athletic footwear that lessened the pain when exercising. But I still hadn’t found a entirely pain-free shoe…

Now, typically, this is the part where I would say that I found the miracle shoe and you wouldn’t believe me because one would assume it was pressed by the brand for promotion. However, I truly can’t find a complaint with the Magnify shoe! I had stuck to trail running to reduce the hard impact of pavement while my foot was healing – when I received these shoes, this was my introduction to road running again.

I spent a few days in the gym, helping speedup the break-in process before plugging in my headphones for a loop around the block.

The Magnify’s are a super lightweight shoe. They completely support the foot with base cushioning and provide an all-around solid fit. I love the roominess for my toes and how the shoe stays snug in the heel to reduce slip.

These shoes have changed the way I run and the frequency in which I do. I am more motivated to run longer and further because my feet remain happy and pain-free.

I have a very athletic dog, who is always in dire need of a long run and time out with me. Being able to take him running has always been a joy for me. With my foot feeling strong, I am able to continue running with him and doing the sports I love, like skiing and rock climbing.

If you haven’t tried these shoes, or you’ve experience foot pain from other brands, I seriously suggest giving these a go! You won’t be disappointed with their performance and sleekness!





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