Spicing Things Up

In my previous post, 78′ Style Camping, I shared about the gem of a tent trailer we recently purchased.

We have been waiting to have enough time to bring a bit of life back into it! This past week we did some minor renos to spice things up. Its amazing what a bit of flooring, staining and love can do to make something feel brand new!

Here is a photo of what the trailer looked like before: Floor was stained and starting to peel up, counter tops looked haggard and the side tables seemed to have a mind of their own. Beneath the rug, laid scuff marks and black prints that always needed to be covered.

So we started with the floor…We purchased stick on vinyl tiles and went to work. Hours later, tools scattered around and with Doc passed out from boredom, we brought some sass back!

We chose a light grey tile to try and add a bit of a modern touch. With the extra tile we decided to change the side table tops – to get rid of the strange 70’s accent that was standing out so badly.

Once the floors and side tables were complete we moved onto the dinning table and counter top. First peeling back all the plastic laminate that was already chipping away on its own. Underneath we were pleasantly surprised to find beautiful wood!

Finding the wood excited us! And we decided to keep it instead of covering up with some other material. We bought stainer, waterproof sealer and a variety of other little things to get the job done.

After a couple hours of sanding and scrapping off old glue (and enrolling more helpful hands) we finally started to see results!

The final project was the dinning table – also needed major sanding, staining and coating. But by the end of the day we had completed all the projects we intended to finish.

It is amazing what some elbow grease and a fresh look on old treasures can do. Our little basecamp has been reborn! I wouldn’t trade our 1978 Bonair for anything. It may not always be easy, some support wires need replacing and the heater puffs black smoke but, to us, it is nothing short of perfect. The memories we are creating will last forever and past the lifetime of this beauty.

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