A Different Kind Of Beautiful

I’ve heard “On-terrible” more than once in my lifetime. It’s a pretty common phrase among people my age born or now living in British Columbia. I’ve always heard it accompanied by “so boring”, “bland” or “not worth it”, when referring to the province of Ontario.

I had never visited the other side of Canada. I didn’t really have anything pulling me there and with the costs of flights being so high, it just didn’t happen.

Until I met Pearce Mundy. Pearce, my now forever man, was born just outside of Kingston ON. He grew up in the country (an area called Perth Road Village), where some of his family still resides now.

Pearce always talked highly of his home. He never compared it to BC or spoke ill about it. Ontario was it’s own place for him, with it’s own beauty and charm. This made me want to see it for myself. To experience the good, without all the On-terrible stuff.

A few weeks ago we flew back for a wedding (Pearce’s mom’s in fact). I was excited to go somewhere new – I’m a big bucket list person – and travelling across Canada was definitely on the list.

Kingston was beautiful. Nestled along the water, it had it’s own captivating charm. Luckily, we had Pearce’s sister and her husband to take us around to some of their favourite spots. Even though we were in the hustle-bustle of shops and traffic, the city still had a calm, country feel about it.Adobe_20180627_212311

We visited tons of restaurants, stores and quaint coffee shops. I loved the old feeling the city has – the brick and limestone buildings were intriguing – I felt as though I was on a movie set on the streets of London.Adobe_20180627_212025

Some things I loved about Kingston:

City Hall
This building was gorgeous; it embodies the whole vibe I got from the city. Old beauty – somewhere to stop and rest your eyes when everything is continuously evolving around you.


Northside Espresso and Kitchen
This Aussie style spot was so cute and inviting. They put it perfectly on their website when they said: “Northside is a space to take a pause from the busyness of everyday life, soak up the atmosphere and leave feeling like you’re a part of it all.” If you are in the area – it’s a must do for the Avocado smash toast!

Tango Neuvo
If you love tapas – this is your spot! We shared a variety of dishes and I was impressed! I recommend the Roasted Brussel Sprouts (insert drooling emoji here).

Wolfe Island
If you are in the city, hop on the free ferry and check out this island! I have never experienced a sunset before like the one I saw over there! The island is small but has some great little restaurants and a chill/beach vibe.Adobe_20180627_210249

I could never compare my home to Ontario – because it’s different. It has its own excitement and jazz. It’s own style. I found the true beauty of Ontario was in the farm lands, in the seemingly never-ending countryside – The green hills, the full deciduous forests and the warm wind. Other’s will tell you it’s the lakes…but I’ve never been a water girl ;)!

Since being home, I find myself thinking of the places we visited: Pearce’s childhood home nestled on a stunning little lake being one of them. The home that he romped around as a boy, the lake that he caught fish in and the place he escaped to as an adult. I think about walking around the yard and picturing his family playing there. I think about the winding, country roads and the city streets we wandered late at night.

I didn’t find the terrible that had been described to me so many times before. Only a different kind of beautiful.Maker:L,Date:2017-8-29,Ver:5,Lens:Kan03,Act:Kan02,E-Y


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  1. Sarah, your pictures and thoughtful descriptions are beautiful. I’m sorry that there wasn’t more time to meet and talk with you and Pearce. If you find yourselves back in Ontario, I would be happy to be a tour guide or at least make some suggestions. Best of everything to you both!


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