World Spins Madly On

It's been almost a decade since you left us. On Wednesday, another year will have flown by and tallied those days of missing you all the way up to 3,240 (9 years). I still can't believe it to be honest. At this point I don't think of you every single day anymore. No, now it... Continue Reading →

Autumn Slow

Cold breeze, darkness at supper time and those rainbow coloured trees... Autumn is here. It's finally time to slow down and just enjoy the view. After a busy summer, filled with adventure and the chaos of work, I am so ready to sit down with a cup of tea. Today we didn't climb, hike or... Continue Reading →

And then there’s You…

It wasn't that long ago when you and I sat on that snow covered log. Stars twinkling above our heads and the cold biting at our blushed cheeks. I was skeptical of the whole thing. You weren't. I had seen you a few times before, avoided you at your work because I thought you were... Continue Reading →

Dear: Future Sarah

Dear Future Sarah: A note about how you feel about life, the world and what you've learned so far. Politics: Well, isn't this a fun topic to start? Hmm politics. Right now, I'm confused. Confused by the people who run the country I live in, why democracy isn't a real thing and why we let... Continue Reading →

Nepal 17′ Log

These are notes copied from my journal! I find it easier to transfer thoughts from there after a busy day. The wifi has been spotty - but now I am able to share. Enjoy! February 16th: Arrive in Kathmandu, Nepal  I'm BACK! Just touched down in Nepal and I couldn't be happier. This place tugs... Continue Reading →

Conquering the Cold Stuff

This week I finally got to try ice climbing! This has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. I've rocked climbed outdoors for the last 6 years and this was the next necessary move! My friend Steve was awesome enough to lend me his tools and some tips for my first... Continue Reading →

Becoming a Brand Ambassador/Influencer 101

I've had a few messages lately on Instagram from followers asking about how they can become ambassadors or influencers for their favourite brands. In the age of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat - there is a growing community of brands doing advertising through social media. Having advocates for your brand is one of the best things... Continue Reading →

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