And then there’s You…

It wasn’t that long ago when you and I sat on that snow covered log. Stars twinkling above our heads and the cold biting at our blushed cheeks.

I was skeptical of the whole thing. You weren’t.

I had seen you a few times before, avoided you at your work because I thought you were cute. You had smiled at me over your shoulder a few times and we exchanged a line or two.

I dug a deep pit with my feet in the snow that night. I didn’t make eye contact as I began to tell you of my previous failed relationship.

You didn’t care. You didn’t judge. You met each of my words with empathy and a cheeky smile.

I thought about that night a lot in the days to come. I thought about your little side smirk and the way you kept trying to make my eyes meet yours. I knew that night would change the path of my life. It was just the start of my next chapter.

And then there’s you…

And so our story began. Passionate and raw.

We met up a for a few more walks in the snow and spent many nights chatting at your place over a glass of whiskey. I quickly discovered how beautiful and honest those blue eyes were. As you told me of your past and your goals, I was falling fast. For the first time in my life I realized I had met someone just like me: Vulnerable, silly, a little beat up by life and an optimist at heart. You never questioned my motives or past life choices. You read the o’l, crusty encyclopaedia that is Sarah with patience and hope.

Then I went away. For a long time.

But you wrote me everyday. Long, heartfelt emails. We asked hard life questions and laughed over spotty wifi. Though we were miles apart, we grew closer with each passing day. One love letter at a time.

By now, we’ve had our first fight, moved in together, gone on climbing trips and spent nights up late, laughing and sharing precious moments. The months have flown with you.

I would have never imagined my life as it is now. If you asked me years back, I couldn’t have even guessed the changes that would take place.

There’s that someone that walks into your life and makes you realize why it never worked out with anyone else…

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