Conquering the Cold Stuff

This week I finally got to try ice climbing! This has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. I’ve rocked climbed outdoors for the last 6 years and this was the next necessary move!

My friend Steve was awesome enough to lend me his tools and some tips for my first time!


The first session, on some local ice, was pretty straight forward and exciting! I absolutely loved it! Moving up the pitch felt very natural and I could feel myself starting to understand some technique and how to properly use the tools to my advantage.


I left the crag feeling overjoyed and spent the evening contemplating what to sell so I could afford to buy tools and crampons haha.

A few days later we headed North to find some thicker ice. After so much time waiting to try this sport, going twice in the same week was such a treat!

We headed to Cal Chek recreation area (near Whistler) and found some beautiful ice!


These pitches were a bit more of a challenge for me as I really had to work on positioning and not freezing my hands off. We climbed for most of the day and it was really good to watch experienced climbers work their way up the cold stuff.


Climbing on top rope was enough of a challenge for now, I can’t imagine leading! But watching Steve and my other friend Bryce clipping into screws was so neat!


I have fallen in love with another sport yet again. I am stoked to get out more this winter and am crossing my fingers for the weather to stay freezing!


Tips for a great day on the ice:

  • Good company
  • Snacks
  • A ton of jackets
  • Camera (Gopro and mounts!)
  • Rests between climbs
  • Admire the view
  • Good mittens/Gloves
  • Keep yourself moving when not climbing

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