PNW Micro Adventures: Chapter 2

My latest “micro adventure” consisted of a day trip up to Iceberg lake near Whistler B.C.

The trail is still under construction but my friend Katy and I managed to find our way 10km up to the lake.

The trail was beautiful and despite the hot weather, it felt cool weaving up through thick trees and beside a babbling river.

We stopped a few times to enjoy some views of Green Lake and Whistler below. As we cleared the brush and climbed up higher the view started to change into a calm, open meadow.

When we reached the meadow we had one thing in mind…and that was to find Iceberg Lake! We looked around and weren’t able to see where the trail continued but only heard a distant sound of water flowing. We followed the rock talus up as far as we could go.

And there, way up above the snow, was the crystal green body.

The lake was, of course, ice cold – But simply beautiful in every way. Icy snow was breaking off all around the corners as the sun beat down and warmed it. I felt as though we were frolicking around some magical place like Alaska.

It was the kind of day that takes your breath away. I look around and realize just how small we really are compared to these massive mountains which surrounded us.

We hung around the lake for awhile before beginning our decent. Washing our sweaty faces in the cool water was more than refreshing.

It was so nice to finally go on a quiet trail on a weekend day. Usually the trails are packed and you rarely get to sit in complete solitude – just the mountains and our souls.

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