PNW Micro Adventures: Chapter 3

This past week Justin and I spent some time exploring the Cheam Range.

Cheam is the farthest northerly peak of a small group forming a local subrange of the Skagit Range of the Canadian Cascades mountains (which are the Canadian extension of the North Cascades of Washington). It dominates the eastern Fraser Valley, rising above Bridal Falls and Agassiz just east of Chilliwack, British Columbia.

We camped at a forest rec site just below the access road to the mountain, called “Squirrel Peninsula“. It was a beautiful spot and we even got to witness some wildlife (cougars!). The road to the trailhead was rough but the scramble up Cheam was smooth. We scurried up within 1.5 hours and enjoyed lunch at the summit.

The trail was quite busy because of the Canada Day stat holiday. It was cool to see so many people out spending their time in the mountains. The views were panoramic and the air smelt of wild flowers. DCIM150GOPRO

Our adventure K9 loved the scramble and playing around close to the cliffs edge.

After an afternoon in the sun we headed back to the river, near our site, for more Skipbo games and cold drinks.

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