Mountaindarlin’s GoPro 101

Recently I’ve been receiving an overwhelming amount of private messages and comments on Instagram regarding my settings and which accessories I use with my GoPro cameras.

I figured putting together a blog post was the best way to get some of my tips & tricks to the interested audience! I’ve compiled a list of the top questions and will try my best to answer them!

Which GoPro do you use?

I have a Session, Hero 4 Black Edition and a Hero 3+.
I like each camera for different reasons – I use the Session for mainly filming and for doing action sports that require me to be hands free (like skiing, surfing or climbing). Its a one button system so makes capturing quick and easy.
I use my Hero 4 for all my photos and some video. It has higher megapixels (12 vs. 8) than the Session and I like being able to switch into manual for my own settings. I recently just gave my Hero 3+ to my brother and his family! Before parting with it, I gave them a total run through of settings and the best way to capture good content – excited to see what they produce!

Which mode are you shooting in for your photos?

I take almost all my photos in Time-lapse mode (usually 2 second intervals). If I am trying to capture an action shot I will shoot in burst mode ( 30 photos in 1 – 6 second intervals).

I shoot with Protune on (with my Hero 4): High-quality image capture setting. Protune’s high data rate captures images with less compression, giving content creators higher quality for professional productions. With Protune I can change settings like white balance, colour, sharpness and ISO.

I hardly ever use the Photo mode unless I am paired up with the remote and tripod to ensure a clear still image. 

I almost always connect my Hero 4 to the GoPro app on my phone to line up a shot before capturing. I like being able to see the photos and make sure I’ve captured what I need!

How do you take photos/videos without holding the camera?

Since I am shooting in time-lapse mode that is pretty simple! I can let the camera roll and choose whichever frame I please from the batch. I use the GoPro 3-way mount to capture images without having my hands on the camera. I’ve had many people comment on before and ask who is taking the photo of me – the answer to that is: I am haha.

Do you use the GoPro wifi remote

Yes. I use the remote a lot when a camera is mounted on my bike or a helmet. I strap the remote to my handlebars or if I’m climbing, on my wrist. It’s super easy to press record when I’m ready and be able to adjust settings without taking the camera off the mount.

How do you take night shots?

I take night shots with the night-lapse mode on my Hero 4. I adjust the shutterspeed, ISO and white balance based on the available light and what scene I am capturing. I will shoot continuous or if I’m looking to shoot a longer sequence, I will choose 1 photo every 15 or 30 minutes. Always use a tripod when shooting night scenes.

I use a GoPro but my shots don’t look as colourful or bright, why?

My photos don’t just come out exciting – I create that visual for them. I use Adobe Lightroom to edit my photos after the fact. If I am doing a quick edit on my phone and not my laptop, I will use Snapseed  to make some quick touch-ups.

Settings I adjust:
Sharpness (you can also adjust this on your camera)
Saturation (be careful here because you don’t want to make your photo noisy by jacking this way up)

My GoPro accessory must haves: 

3-way  – Tripod, selfie-stick and favourite GoPro accessory.


I am in love with this tool – I’ve captured some of my favourite shots using this.

DCIM105GOPROG3486634. Processed with Snapseed.

DCIM107GOPROG4038407. Processed with Snapseed.

Seeker backpack – Awesome 16L backpack with space for 5 GoPros, built in chest and shoulder mounts, hydration compatible and super comfy fit!



3-way stick on Seeker side pouch mount

Pro Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount – Perfect for all you mountain bikers and dirt biking/atv riders. Love this mount as its simple to use and has an ultra compact footprint for mounting in tight spaces.



Chesty – Love this for capturing POV shots! Quick and easy to strap on and you can get some pretty creative shots!



If you have any other questions or would like some help with your camera/settings – feel free to comment and I’ll be sure to answer the best I can!



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