PNW Micro Adventures: Hometown Hut Trips

This past weekend, I worked out in Garibaldi Park in the Elfin Lakes area. Luckily, I was able to bring my boyfriend, Pearce, along as a volunteer too!

We spent the weekend tending to the shelter and doing a lot of digging (see the photo below – we shovelled roughly 12ft of snow).


I love getting out into the Squamish backcountry when the weather is favourable. Blue skies and stellar sunsets accompanied us for our time up there.



If you’ve never been to Elfin Lakes, the area is truly stunning. It’s a panoramic view of mountain peaks with two huts nestled in the middle. We have a public shelter and a Ranger station that sit right in the centre of a wide open meadow. The lakes are covered in the winter but cool textures are formed on top with the blanket of snow.


If you’re lucky, you might catch the area with a clear, star filled night.


The sunsets did not disappoint! (Photo credit to Pearce!)


Snow conditions were not the greatest for skiing but we took every opportunity, outside of work, to grab some cool shots and just enjoy the views.



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